Thursday, February 23, 2012


Awesome new stuff from lazybum by Luciano Enoch

from left to right
Ringmaster Jacket (turquoise)
Animal stripe Briefs (zebra)i love zebras!

Glitter Briefs (ruby)

Cowl Collar tank (circus)
animal strip briefs (Giraffe)

Black Tank
Glitter Briefs (bronze)

Starry Briefs

TAXI to [Lazybum]

Hair: Wolf (dark browns) - RAW HOUSE by Jay Khaos
eyes: Mirror eyes (green) - .ID. by audrey.lamede
skin: Elixir (Tropez) - The Body Co. by thebodyco
Tattoo: Guns Tattoo - ][DK][ by Daphne Kyong
Poses are from supPOSEdly and will be out soon!

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