Monday, August 27, 2012


Skin: Breeze (fair/red) - the body co. by thebodyco
Eyes: Ultimate Eye set (blue) - .ID. by audrey lamede
Freckles: full body freckles - L. Fauna by Launa Fauna
Hair: Express yourself style 7 (brick) - Vaya Con Dios by Lulu Jameson
Moles: Face beauty marks - mijn.botique by Mijn Seoung
Eye make-up: Night on the booze - FRUK by Chucky Hollak
Hoodie: Marcel Shirt *MESH* - [CheerNo] @ TDR by cheerno destiny
shirt: Net shirt (ripped) - ~Tableau Vivant~ by aida ewing
Pants: Capri Shorts (white) *MESH* - [CheerNo] by Zeng Carver
Toy: Captain America yoyo - *yoyo9* by IceMoon Lee

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